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Dwyer Law Office - general practice

Dwyer Law Office’s attorneys have experience in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. We have represented plaintiffs and defendants, so we have a clear understanding of the issues facing each party, and we anticipate how an opposing party will prepare its arguments. We have handled bench trials and jury trials, and we understand when one will be more beneficial than the other. We are licensed to practice in Minnesota and North Dakota, and we can help with everything from asserting or defending claims through collecting judgments. If you value cost-effective legal solutions that are backed by experience and honesty, we can assist you.

A non-exhaustive list of litigation we have handled include:

  • Business

    • Purchase agreement disputes
    • Evictions
    • Commercial contract and collection disputes
    • Partnership, limited liability company, and corporation owner disputes
    • Derivative actions
    • Lien priority disputes
    • Agency disputes
    • Commercial tort claims
    • Professional negligence disputes
    • Construction and contractor disputes
    • UFTA disputes
    • Insurance disputes
  • Estate Planning & Probate

    • Contested guardianship and conservatorship
    • Will contests
    • Personal representative appointment disputes
    • Probate and estate settlement disputes
  • Real Estate

    • Condemnation disputes - both valuation and necessity
    • Boundary line disputes
    • Title disputes
    • Quiet title actions
    • Governmental regulation appeals and disputes
    • Adverse possession
    • Easement disputes
    • Partition actions
    • HOA disputes
  • Water

    • Drainage disputes
    • Prescriptive easement disputes
    • Water permit violation disputes
    • Pipeline damage and one call disputes
    • Riparian actions
  • Family

    • Divorce
    • Divorce settlement agreement enforcement action
    • Collaborative negotiating
    • Guardians and conservators