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Business Law

Dwyer Law Office - business law

At Dwyer Law Office, our goal is simple: to help you achieve your business goals, no matter what they may be. Our firm provides comprehensive legal representation to businesses of all sizes during every stage of their existence, from startup to dissolution.


Contracts are one of the foundations of doing business. They give you security and peace of mind. But for a contract to be reliable, it has to be well-constructed. Dwyer Law Office offers assistance with drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts. In all of our actions, we are seeking solutions that help you accomplish your goals and protect your interests. Whether we are creating a new contract, reviewing a contract that you are considering, or negotiating for terms in your favor, we are always working hard for you.

A clear, formalized agreement that is drafted by an experienced attorney can help avoid future conflicts that can result in costly litigation. Representing businesses and individuals in North Dakota and Minnesota, we offer sound counsel and legal assistance that are needed in order to draft, negotiate, interpret and enforce various contracts, including:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Leases
  • Partnership contracts
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Business acquisitions
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • LLC operating agreements
  • Sale of business and sale of real estate

Corporations & LLC’s

Each type of business structure has certain advantages, drawbacks, and inherent risks. An experienced lawyer at Dwyer Law Office can determine your needs and what type of business structure would be the best option for you. We can assist with forming your corporation or LLC and help your business hit the ground running with expertly drafted Articles of Organization, Bylaws and Operating Agreements. Start your business out on the right foot by putting all the proper planning, legal documents and protections in place. We will provide you with a complete corporate book and ensure compliance with corporate formalities.

Buy/Sell Agreements

Dwyer Law Office has experienced attorneys who can assist you with drafting a buy/sell agreement in the event a co-owner of a business decides to buy or sell their interest in the business. The most common reasons for buy/sell agreements include:

  • A decision by an owner to exit the business;
  • The retirement of one of the owners;
  • The death of an owner; and
  • Adding an additional owner to the business.

Many businesses only think about buy/sell agreements when it comes time for an owner to enter or exit the business. Our experience tells us that it is important to have one in place far in advance of that situation.


Attorney advice is critical in the formation stage of a partnership. The two most common partnerships are general and limited liability partnerships. The professionals at Dwyer Law Office can assist you with formation of your general or limited liability partnership.

Joint Venture Agreements

When starting a small business and considering entering into a joint venture, every business owner should seek the comprehensive counsel of a joint venture attorney. Joint ventures in business encompass the union of two or more companies in a pseudo-partnership for an explicitly defined period of time. The parties involved in a business joint venture agreement will all share liabilities, risks, expenses, and initial contribution of assets during the formation of the venture, and if successful, the mutual benefits of any profits will also be shared according to contract agreements.

Using an experienced attorney is critical to forming a business joint venture that will promote your best interests in any contractual agreements. Dwyer Law Office has the experience to help you form your joint venture.

Secured Lending & Transactions

Our lawyers are skilled in the preparation and negotiation of subordination agreements and inter-creditor agreements to protect our clients’ interests in shared collateral. We have expertise in assisting clients with the enforcement of their security interests, including the repossession of collateral and foreclosure sales and other dispositions under UCC Article 9.

Business Acquisitions

When you buy a business, you want the best legal advice. That way you make a fair purchase agreement and to receive the best value out of the transaction. Dwyer Law Office is committed to helping you evaluate, structure, and execute your company’s merger or acquisition and to provide you with all available mergers and acquisitions resources. Let the professionals at Dwyer Law Office guide you through your business acquisition.